Speed Reading For Education

7 Speed Reading EDU is the world's most advanced accelerated reading system for schools. Based on proven principles of faster reading, 7 Speed Reading EDU contains all the features of 7 Speed Reading plus:

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On the pro side it has easy-to-use interface, video tutorials, multiple user accounts, well-structured course system for beginners & advanced students plus the ability to exercise with any digital text.

Elbert Zeigler

"I found 7 Speed reading. Doing eye exercises, warm-ups before reading, and how to look at words in groups instead of one at a time improved my reading and comprehension. I recommend 7 Speed Reading for you."


7 Speed Reading is a decent speed reading software with an innovative approach. The customizable features are quite appealing since it allows you organize your speed reading training effectively.

Daniel Walters

"I have always struggled with reading slowly. Once I started using 7 Speed Reading, I did notice an improvement from approx. 200 wpm to 300 wpm."


If you want to learn how to speed read so that you can read everything faster, your best option is to get the self-paced speed reading course called 7 Speed Reading. It is designed to be the world’s most powerful speed-reading training program.


From learning how to read and comprehend faster to how to keep your eyes healthy, everything is covered in this course for almost any age, and a team of professionals will help you master it.

Stephen L. (Reviewer)

I liked the accessibility of it. It helps, because users are able to easily maneuver throughout the software to varying levels and practice their reading at varying speeds.

Devad Goud

After having used this software, I learned techniques and skills such as eliminating my subvocalization, which not only greatly enhanced my speed reading, but also allowed me to get more engagement in what I read.

Reinard Mortlock

The biggest problem I had was sub-vocalization, 7 Speed Reading helped a lot with techniques to improve this and substantially improve my reading speed. The application is easy to use with loads of books to read to improve your reading skills.

Adel Serag

When I seriously exercise using the app, in no time, my reading speed goes from less than 400 to 600 and my target is 900 plus.

Nik Roglich

The pace trainer is great for getting my eyes focused and sharp. Also the word search exercise is very important, gets me searching for specific text.

Jose Godinez

I have improved my speed reading and comprehension since I started using 7 Speed Reading, I enjoy using it and I will continue to use it in the future.

Who Needs Speed Reading Skills?

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Are you happy with your reading skills?

Even if you consider yourself an efficient reader there’s always some room for improvement.

Speed reading is an essential skill that lets you read more of what you love in less time, giving you the opportunity to explore new interests, gain a wealth of new knowledge, and discover new passions.

Speed reading is a skill everyone really ought to learn. Given the digital data explosion, where every passing second more and more content is shared online, it has become imperative that we have the ability to consume the maximum amount of quality content in the most efficient, stress-free way possible. And that’s where speed reading comes in, no matter who you are.

CEOs, Directors, and Managers

Professionals at the top of the career ladder benefit a lot from speed reading.

Being able to read twice as fast as the average reader means more knowledge in less time. Everybody knows that more knowledge is more power, and more power breeds more success!

Doctors and Lawyers

These two professions are notorious for requiring gargantuan amounts of reading and researching. Not only does this happen in school, doctors and lawyers must keep up with the latest discoveries throughout their careers. While most college students complete most of their reading, studying, and researching activities by the time they graduate, doctors and lawyers are a different story.

They read to stay on top of their profession’s advances, and they read to solve cases, win arguments, and save lives.

Teachers, Academics, Editors, and Authors

People involved in education, literature, the media, and the arts do a lot of reading as well.

Being a speed reader has obvious and numerous advantages for these professionals; an author that is a voracious reader has more inspiration, know-how, and acumen about the craft of writing, which helps them become a better author themselves.

A teacher that reads a lot can make sure that students have the best activities and use the latest tools and strategies to promote their learning.

Academics, editors, journalists, and everyone else in the Media, Arts, and Education sectors have a head start when they can speed read.

Professionals and Business Owners

Speed reading can be a real business booster.

Every professional and every business owner needs relevant, quality knowledge to excel at what they do. Everyone from social workers to web developers and plumbers can benefit from getting more knowledge. The more you read, the more knowledgeable and skillful you become at what you do.

Speed reading will make you more confident and fun to be around. The knowledge you accumulate will boost your career and empower you to achieve even more in life. Whatever you do for a living, you can excel at it by speed reading your way to success.


Any aspiring individual that wants to succeed in life needs to become a faster, more efficient reader.

Academic success is greatly supported by a person’s reading capacity and the more you can read the better your chances of excelling at exams, projects and other school activities that measure academic achievement.

It’s clear that no matter the career choice you make, speed reading is essential.

It is also worth remembering that while you learn to read in elementary school, these introductory reading skills will later prove to be irrelevant in today’s information-driven society. Data and knowledge is only going one way – forward – and to ensure you’re not running against the current, you need speed reading efficiency to keep up with the rest of the world.