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7 Speed Reading EDU is the world's most advanced accelerated reading system for schools. Based on proven principles of faster reading, 7 Speed Reading EDU contains all the features of 7 Speed Reading plus:

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On the pro side it has easy-to-use interface, video tutorials, multiple user accounts, well-structured course system for beginners & advanced students plus the ability to exercise with any digital text.

Elbert Zeigler

"I found 7 Speed reading. Doing eye exercises, warm-ups before reading, and how to look at words in groups instead of one at a time improved my reading and comprehension. I recommend 7 Speed Reading for you."


7 Speed Reading is a decent speed reading software with an innovative approach. The customizable features are quite appealing since it allows you organize your speed reading training effectively.

Daniel Walters

"I have always struggled with reading slowly. Once I started using 7 Speed Reading, I did notice an improvement from approx. 200 wpm to 300 wpm."


If you want to learn how to speed read so that you can read everything faster, your best option is to get the self-paced speed reading course called 7 Speed Reading. It is designed to be the world’s most powerful speed-reading training program.


From learning how to read and comprehend faster to how to keep your eyes healthy, everything is covered in this course for almost any age, and a team of professionals will help you master it.

Stephen L. (Reviewer)

I liked the accessibility of it. It helps, because users are able to easily maneuver throughout the software to varying levels and practice their reading at varying speeds.

Devad Goud

After having used this software, I learned techniques and skills such as eliminating my subvocalization, which not only greatly enhanced my speed reading, but also allowed me to get more engagement in what I read.

Reinard Mortlock

The biggest problem I had was sub-vocalization, 7 Speed Reading helped a lot with techniques to improve this and substantially improve my reading speed. The application is easy to use with loads of books to read to improve your reading skills.

Adel Serag

When I seriously exercise using the app, in no time, my reading speed goes from less than 400 to 600 and my target is 900 plus.

Nik Roglich

The pace trainer is great for getting my eyes focused and sharp. Also the word search exercise is very important, gets me searching for specific text.

Jose Godinez

I have improved my speed reading and comprehension since I started using 7 Speed Reading, I enjoy using it and I will continue to use it in the future.

The Relationship Between Reading Speed, Fluency, and Comprehension

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When you’re starting out on a speed reading program, you might encounter several different terms, including reading rate (or “speed”), fluent reading, and reading with comprehension. A successful speed reading system will teach you how the ability to read fluently and with good comprehension will contribute to a faster reading speed, but make sure that you’re not focused only on a words-per-minute rate. In fact, you shouldn’t focus on any one of these three components of reading at the expense of the others: they all should work together.

Reading speed is self-explanatory, at least if you’re looking at it strictly in terms of how many words you’re able to take in at a fairly constant rate. Comprehension is also easily understood; if you don’t comprehend the text you’re reading, it won’t matter how quickly you read through it. The third term, fluent reading, means the ability to read at a steady pace, without stumbling over words and phrases, and with good comprehension of the text. Obviously, this “steady pace” might be fairly slow. Your goal in speed reading practice is to increase your ability to read fluently and by that increased ability, improve your reading speed as well.

One key factor in fluid reading is “chunking” – that is, grouping words together in logical and grammatical ways, and processing the text in these groups, rather than one word at a time. Part of being able to do this is mental, and part is physical. You’ll need to train your eyes to take in more than one word at a time; you can do this by exercises that gradually widen your visual field. You’ll also need to be able to mentally skip over unimportant words like the and and. Finally, you’ll need to have a very good vocabulary, so that you don’t have to stop and look up words, or misinterpret the meaning of one of these grammatical groupings.

It’s this last point that’s often the most difficult for people to remember. However, vocabulary improvement is an important part of reading improvement, and we strongly encourage you to incorporate vocabulary building into your daily study routine. The more words you know, the better your fluency will be in the English language, and you’ll find yourself reading faster and with better comprehension.

Resource: M. R. Kuhn and S. A Stahl. Fluency: A review of developmental and remedial practices. “Theoretical models and processes of reading” (2004). International Reading Association.


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