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The Magic Of Failure: How It Builds Character For Success

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Success is possible only through failure. That might seem counter intuitive, but the lessons learned from failure are valuable. Unless you fail at something at least once, you’ll never gain the insights and build the character essential for long-lasting success.

Failure is magic. It gives you the clues and ideas you need on how to get better. Let me explain the ways.

Re-evaluating your approach and your plan

Failure indicates what works and what needs revising. A failure is nothing but a red flag indicating that your approach is flawed.

The result? You re-evaluate and adjust your plan and avoid bigger losses later on!

Sprucing up your strategy and your skills

Failing is often a tell-tale sign of a weakness, lack, or misunderstanding. Don’t reject or overlook mistakes. Don’t blame others for them, either.

Instead, see how you can prevent similar small defeats by taking a workshop or online course. Sharpening your skills and acquiring new knowledge will help you do things better next time around!

Failure is empowering

When you say “I’ll try again” right after you confront the fact of a failure, you’re empowering yourself. You are, at that very moment, acknowledging your accountability for the situation and immediately taking measures to reverse direction.

This necessitates tremendous amounts of courage and perseverance — attributes that successful people are notorious for.

Failure reminds you nothing is final

Our lives, our projects, our relationships are all works in progress. Many people make the mistake of seeing their decisions as make or break deals. They’re not. Decisions are valid until they’re revised according to the new circumstances you’re faced with.

A plan taking an unexpected turning is not necessarily a failure, it’s a reminder that things change constantly and you often need to adjust your course of action!

Life uses mistakes and failures to remind you that decisions are never absolute. With time, this makes you a more understanding, flexible and resourceful person. Again, these are essential qualities for becoming successful in the long term.

What would you be doing now if everything you were doing was a success from the first time you took a shot at it? You’d be unprepared for change, unable to cope with the inevitable failure of one of your projects, and unwilling to improve or change yourself to meet new situations.

Failure keeps you alert, failure makes you successful!

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