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Reading-Related Gifts for University Students, Family, Friends

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Are you looking for a gift for your daughter or grandson who’s just moved into a new dorm room or apartment at university? Do you need to find something to give your just-married friends to help them furnish their first home together? Or do you have family members who love reading and like anything to do with books? There are many literature-themed or reading-related items out there that are sure to please bibliophiles (book lovers), especially if they’re useful as well as decorative. Check out these fun and book-friendly finds!

Bookends that are beautiful and interesting to look at make the practical task of organizing shelves even better. Handmade bookends bring art into any living space.

You might not take books into the bathroom, but there’s no reason that you have to leave words outside the door with this interesting shower curtain!

If you’re one of those people who always needs to have something to read over breakfast, why not make it your coffee mug?

Reading in bed is easier when you have a book light that’s small and practical.

Books can comfort your soul – so you should be comfortable when you read.

Speaking of being comfortable, it’s nice to have something to help hold up your book (or your e-reader) so that there’s nothing to distract you from the words on the page.