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Millions of Free Online Articles Now Available at JSTOR

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Since 1995, JSTOR (a “journal storage” site) has helped students, researchers, and teachers keep up with the latest in academic journals and articles by offering free or low-cost subscriptions to access this information from thousands of sources. However, most students lose their free access to the system after they graduate, and until now the site resources have not been fully accessible to the public. With JSTOR’s new “Register & Read” program the valuable information from hundreds years of research and writing is now available to anyone who creates a free account through the site.

The JSTOR archives are of crucial importance to anyone interested in learning more about history, because the site contains articles and publications dating back centuries. Reading what people wrote about their daily lives, thoughts, scientific advances of the day, and current culture in the 18th or 19th century gives you an incredible perspective about those eras, and a better understanding of how things have changed since then – or how little things have changed.

New ways of thinking, new discoveries, and new information are constantly being written about by talented students and researchers, but these papers and articles are hard to find outside of the library of the specific school where those students and researchers are located. JSTOR was created to make a “digital library” where these important documents could be stored and accessed. It’s a significant contribution to the global knowledge database.

One of the best ways to encourage people to read more is to provide more reading materials, and that’s what the Register & Read program does. What’s more, if you take advantage of this opportunity to access the articles on a wide range of topics, you’ll not only increase your knowledge of those subjects, but you’ll also improve your vocabulary. Anyone working on improving speed reading skills knows the importance of a good vocabulary in developing good speed reading habits.

The JSTOR Register & Read program is free, and you can sign up here. What are you waiting for? A world of reading is just a few clicks away.