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Importance Of Speed Reading For Children, Teens, And Adults

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Reading will be a part of every day for the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading tweets, books, legal documents, or your daughter’s homework, reading is a way of obtaining information that is vital to our survival and success as human beings.

Yet for all that, most people are never taught a productive way to read. Instead, children learn the basics, but they often learn bad reading habits at the same time. Only when we’re older do we realize just how crucial it is to learn the right way to speed read.

The benefits of speed reading are numerous. You probably know about many of them already. But have you put that knowledge to use?

Remember, when you speed read you improve  your comprehension and expand your understanding of the topic. As a result you become an expert at – and an authority on – what you do.

Because of the sheer amount of knowledge you accumulate, you’ll also be able to exert influence and inspire others. In short, speed reading is the springboard to success. But success requires strategy, not shortcuts.

Speed Reading for Children

“But wait,” you might think, “surely speed reading is secondary to teaching children the basics of how to read!” The problem is that most children never go past the basics, and continue early reading habits like subvocalization and regression into adulthood.

A child can grow up still sounding out the words in their head as they read (subvocalization). They still go back to re-read whole passages of text (regression) because they weren’t paying attention. As an adult, you’re being slowed down by these habits learned in childhood.

That’s why it is so important to teach the right reading skills from the start. Offer children the tools and know-how to read fast without sacrificing comprehension. And when you read a lot and read the right things, a world of opportunities opens up, and the road to realizing your dreams becomes real.

Imagine the time you’ll save and the amount of books you’ll read once you learn to read words in groups instead of one by one. Once you stop backtracking and reading text twice to be sure you understand. Once you have developed the critical skills needed to skim through paragraphs and chapters and only slow down in important sections of a book or textbook.

Speed Reading for Students

The good news is that with the proliferation of cloud-based apps and speed reading software you can quickly improve your reading speed.

Learning to let go of time-consuming reading habits becomes easier when you have software or a virtual tutor to guide you through the essential skill-building exercises.

Speed reading is not a buzzword. Speed reading is not difficult to master. It’s a skill you can acquire through practice and the right guidance.

Let me explain.

Take the sentence “Mary gave John and Julia the keys to her apartment.”

This sentence contains 10 words. You can read it word after word or slice it into two semantic clusters, choosing to ignore words such as ‘and’ and ‘the’ and ‘to.’ Why?

Because these words are not giving you the gist of the sentence. Words like ‘gave’ and ‘keys’ and ‘apartment’ do, and its keywords like those that you need to focus on. Students have a lot of reading to do, and keyword recognition is a speed-reading skill that helps them keep up with even the heaviest course load.

Speed Reading for Adults

It’s obvious that speed reading is all about being smart about your reading. It’s what will ultimately save you time, improve your knowledge base, and keep you a step ahead of the competition. Reading clusters of words instead of one word at a time is one way to learn to read faster. For example, software or online tools will help improve your eye fixation rate and span, which increases the number of words you can read at one time. A good online app will also help you to eliminate subvocalisation and reduce backtracking.

This might sound like a lot to start learning as an adult, but you can learn at any age. In fact, you can master these skills right now. Speed reading will benefit you at every point in your life and give you the seeds to grow your own tree of success and happiness.

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