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Free Speed Reading E-Books

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If you’ve been using the 7 Speed Reading system for learning to speed read, you already know that the software gives you access to hundreds of free e-books on many topics, which you can use to practice your speed reading exercises. Using a variety of texts while you do these exercises is important for three reasons. First, you’ll get used to seeing many different styles of writing and new vocabulary words, which will make you a better reader overall. Second, you won’t get bored reading the same text over and over again as you practice, so you’ll spend more time working on your speed reading techniques, and will improve more quickly. The third reason to use a range of texts to practice reading skills is that you’ll absorb the information in those texts, and expand your knowledge on many different topics. That’s a great time-saving benefit to this technique – not only will you become a faster reader, you’ll also find that you’re a more informed one!

Using the now-global access to e-books, especially free ones, lets you pick from any category of text while still focusing on learning to speed read. There’s another advantage to e-books, and that’s the ability to adjust font size and margin width. This makes it easier to read, and also allows you to work on some specific speed reading techniques like chunking. Look for free e-books through online book stores, or your library. If you don’t have a separate e-book reader like a Kindle, you can usually find a free app to download to your laptop or PC so that you can access the e-books directly.

Why not choose some books about speed reading and learning to read, and use them in your daily practice? That way you’ll be learning about the best speed reading strategies, and putting them directly into use as you read. Here are five free e-books on different topics related to reading that you’ll find both interesting and useful:

How to Read Faster and Recall More by Gordon Wainwright

Rapid Reading by Ruth McCorkle

Methods Manual For Improving Your Eye Movements In Reading by Clement Sievers

The Lost Art of Reading by Gerald Stanley Lee

Books In My Life by Robert Downs