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Barry Baines Reveals Secrets of Self-Confidence, Success, and Speed Reading

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Self-confidence is critical to success in all walks of life. So many of us are deterred from doing what we really want to do because we do not possess that self-confidence.

We listen far too much to that little voice in the back of our mind that likes to keep us in our comfort zone: “I wouldn’t be any good at that”. Or “I don’t think I’d really like it”. “It is quite beyond my experience”. Or, perhaps the unkindest cut of all: “Well, I’m really too old to learn now.”

All that, of course, is nonsense. But it gives us a reason not to try; it gives us a reason not to push our boundaries; it gives us a reason to stay firmly in our comfort zone where, we think, no harm may befall us.

So how do we start to build that self-confidence that we need to underpin all our efforts? Firstly, we consider what are our true values. We establish those by seeing where we spend our money. We examine our personal space and how we regularly fill it. We consider how we spend the majority of our time.

You see, no matter what we may say, we always have enough money to spend on those things we regard as important to us. We always have enough time for those matters we regard as most important. And we always clutter our personal space with things that are important to us.

Once we have decided what is truly important to us, we move on to consider our goals. What do we really want to do with our lives? Whatever goals we set ourselves need to be congruent with our highest values or we will not stick to them. So decide what they are, work on a plan for achieving them and follow the plan until you reach your objective.

It may well be that in order to achieve what you want in life, you will have to take on board, and learn, large amounts of information. That is where 7 Speed Reading comes in. By following this course you will find that you will be able to read many times faster and increase your comprehension.

Learning to read at speed has enabled me, and many others I know, to absorb vast amounts of information in a short time. And when you can do that, your self-confidence is greatly increased and your chances of success moves forward in leaps and bounds.