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7 Speed Reading for Mac – Spy Photos

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Every day at eReflect, we’re inundated by requests for a Mac version of 7 Speed Reading. And for good reason. Over 20% of our target web visitors are now using Macs and there’s a severe lack of decent speed reading software in the OSX space. To many Mac users, having the world’s most acclaimed speed reading software available on their Mac would be a dream come true. Rest assured, it’s a dream we have been working very hard on…

Over last 12 months, we have been working to create a Mac version of 7 Speed Reading. And today, we’re excited to announce that we’re going to “leak” some spy photos of the software. Below, you can see the full version of 7 Speed Reading running like a dream on Marc’s MacBook Air.

Now for the question on everyone’s lips: when will it be released? We can’t give a definite date just yet, but it will almost certainly be before the end of June. The software is essentially finished. But we need to take it through a rigorous process of testing and quality assurance. We are working on this now (in fact we have contracted four different companies to test the software, in addition to putting three of our own software testers on the job).

Thanks for all the requests and support from the Mac people – we can’t wait to serve you!!!