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5 Little Things You Need To Know About Speed Reading

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Speed reading is your ticket to the world of knowledge. Here are 5 things you need to know about this must-have skill.

Speed reading is impossible without fixing bad reading habits first

Regression, limited fixation, and vocalization are just three of the many bad reading habits that prevent many people from speed reading. Or at least doing so at their full capacity. But please do not blame your primary school teacher. It’s not their fault.

However, you can change these reading habits now. Learn to get rid of them and make room for speed reading habits that will boost your reading speed.

About 30% of your reading time is spend on rereading

Seems like an awful lot of time wasted, doesn’t it? Regression and backtracking are the two main reasons you’re not reading as fast as you could.

Lack of focus, distractions, and the move from paper reading to digital reading all have a role to play in how much you backtrack when reading.

You can eliminate regression, the act of re-reading material either unconsciously or consciously, by making it impossible to do so. Let me explain. Use a pointer to force your eyes to only read what’s in front of you. A pen or cursor can do the trick.

If you’re reading a book or newspaper try using a blank sheet of paper or another book to cover every line you just read. This will force you to be more focused because  you know that you cannot go back to re-read!

Reading fast is all about improving comprehension

Reading at 900 or 1000 wpm is useless if you cannot retain any information. Speed reading is all about your goals, but your two goals should be speed and comprehension working together.

To speed read is not to have your eyes scan content as fast as you can. It’s about being a selective reader where you read slowly when an important argument is made, you start skimming through pieces that are redundant or supplementary, and overall you read at a pace that’s comfortable enough to facilitate comprehension yet fast enough to be time-efficient.

Put simply, speed reading ultimately boils down to being a discerning, critical reader.

Speed reading is an essential skill for today’s professionals

Reading faster is more than saving a few hours every week. It’s about having the opportunity to learn new skills and gather new knowledge. In other words, it’s about staying a step ahead of your competitors and colleagues.

Being a speed reader opens up a whole new world for you, from better career prospects to increased influence and expertise in your company and at a wider community level. Speed reading is your opportunity to move ahead and to stand out.

Educator and entrepreneur Evelyn Wood created the first speed reading course, named Reading Dynamics. That was in 1959. A lot has changed since and speed reading courses have been fine-tuned and optimized, now offering a comprehensive speed reading learning experience with tangible yet impressive results.  7 Speed Reading, for instance, can help you read three times your current speed through the power of technology, progress tracking, and step-by-step video tutorials.

Any bit of help matters

Speed reading is a complex cognitive process. It requires a combination of alertness and mental focus and of course learnable skills like using your peripheral vision to expand your eye fixation, eliminating regression, and reducing vocalization to a minimum.

While it is possible to learn to speed read in a self-directed manner, using a speed reading app can offer you the right tools and techniques to speed read in less time and with less practice.

7 Speed Reading is designed to be the world’s most powerful speed reading training program. If you want to learn speed reading, 7 Speed Reading is the best option.