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Master Speed Reading Skills With These 3 Keys To Success

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Learning a new skill can be hard. But you can make learning easy with the right tools! Learning to speed read ultimately boils down to discovering and practicing some key principles while building up your skills.

Speed reading is 99% practice

To speed read you need to eliminate subvocalization, or when you hear and shape words with your mouth and in your head. That’s a fact. And that’s the first step to mastering speed reading. There are several simple techniques that help you fight this habit, but only practice will get rid of it entirely.

You’ve been reading in a certain way because that’s what you were taught to do in school. Now you need to unlearn those old methods and acquire new speed-reading habits! And it’s only through consistent practice you’re going to make it happen.

Amp up your speed reading gradually

In other words, start small. You cannot expect to speed read a medical textbook after a few hours of practicing subvocalization elimination and cluster reading. You need to start small, and practice with books or text that is at your current reading level to help you get in the speed reading mode. It will be easier to concentrate and implement everything you learn when the content is with you and not against you.

It’s also important to be relaxed when you learn to speed read, and starting off with easy stuff does help. You’ll know when you’re ready to move on to more difficult texts.

You’re not on your own

Don’t be that person who sabotages their own learning process because you don’t know how to find help when you need it. If there are tricks and hacks to help you speed read, please use them.

Use a ruler, or a pen, or a card to guide your eyes at the desired speed to the next cluster of words.

This simple device can help you speed up your reading without exerting too much effort. By changing the circumstances, you’re forcing yourself to adapt to the new speed-optimized reality of reading.

Remember, speed reading is all about making smart choices. These three best practices will help you speed read, and read smarter, not harder!

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